Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


A Vision for an "International" BNUT

At BNUT, we strive to nurture well-rounded graduates who are competent professionals, critical thinkers and life-long learners equipped to cope with a globalized work environment. As a university, we emphasize diversity, intercultural learning, and global vision. We are aimed to be recognized as a dynamic unit and an efficient provider of quality services. To accomplish this vision, the Office of Scientific Collaborations and International Affairs encourages:

  • Courses and academic curricula incorporating an international component/dimension
  • Quality and affordable study, work, and travel abroad opportunities in all areas of the world
  • A balanced and critical mass of international students at BNUT that is integrated into the university and local communities
  • Faculty and staff at BNUT who are involved in international teaching, research, performance, and public service programs
  • Faculty, staff, and students involved in international training and development assistance programs
  • Nationally recognized interdisciplinary centers for international studies serving students and faculty members

Mission Statement

To ensure meaningful global experiences for all members of the BNUT community, the dedicated staff in our Office of Scientific Collaborations and International Affairs (OSCIA) are aimed to accomplish our mission to supply the necessary conditions to encourage and consolidate the internationalization of BNUT.

We reach out to the greater BNUT community to infuse global perspectives throughout the teaching, research, and engagement missions of the institution while supporting and maintaining the broader connections of BNUT to the world.


Amirreza Geran Malek